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Construction Services Near Omaha NE: Are you Searching for Best Construction Services near Omaha NE? Handyman Services of Omaha ,Our team is known for its in-depth expertise in all aspects of construction, management and development. We focus on working with the best quality materials and equipment, as well as the finest sub-contractors and well-known designers from all over the world. Our clients are our main priority, we strive our best to meet their expectations. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Construction Services around Omaha NE. We serve Omaha NE and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!



Construction Services At Handyman Services of Omaha

Construction Services Near Omaha NE:

When it comes to the home improvement projects in your home or office it is natural that you would want the very best quality at the most affordable price. The fact is that one of the most important factors determining not only the appearance but also the lifespan of your many different projects is the quality of the work done.

That is why it is critical that you choose a licensed, bonded and insured service like Handyman Services of Omaha for the professional level of craftsmanship you are looking for.

Why Handyman Services of Omaha?

Handyman Services of Omaha can help you to rejuvenate you home no matter how large or small the project you have planned. From a simple bathroom remodel to a complete kitchen renovation we have the expertise to get the work done on time and on budget.

We understand that your home is very important to you, that is why from the friendly voice on the phone, to the quality of work done with skill and knowledge by our experienced professionals we strive to provide you with an exceptional level of service.

So often when it comes to home improvement jobs we often think “oh I can do that on my own” then we get started and realize that the job is far more difficult than we realize. Don’t panic! When that time comes call Handyman Services of Omaha because we are always there for you.

Taking General Contracting Services to a new level

We are here to help and serve you, not sell you things you do not need. So if you’re looking for exceptional service and a people-friendly approach, you have come to the right company. When you hire Handyman Services of Omaha you can count on experienced professionals who have all the proper tools for each and every unique project. This allows us to provide you with fast results at the most affordable prices available.

What We Do

Construction Services Near Omaha NE:

Our team is known for its in-depth expertise in all aspects of construction, management and development. We focus on working with the best quality materials and equipment, as well as the finest sub-contractors and well-known designers from all over the world. Our clients are our main priority, we strive our best to meet their expectations.

Since the beginnings of the company, the main feature has been the quality of products and services offered. The main goal has always been to provide customer satisfaction through elegance and grade A construction in every project executed. We have a premium quality team all the way from the interior design crew, working side by side with worldwide renowned designers, to our subcontractors, who have shown great responsibility, delivering high-end finishes in every jobsite. We are committed to supply all our sites with guaranteed best quality materials, as well as our internal team of project managers team people who daily show great professionalism in their roles.

Therefore we guarantee our customers security and support when making their investment with us. We strive in committing to compliance from the planning, implementation and finishes the Project to be developed. Among the services that we provide we have:

  • Store Remodeling
  • Window Treatments
  • Decorating
  • Electrical & Wiring
  • Construction Clean-up
  • Painting
  • Lighting Design and Installation
  • Complete Renovation
  • New Floor Installation
  • Room Additions
  • Restaurant Remodeling
  • Office Remodeling
  • Custom Metal and Glass
  • floor Refinishing
  • Molding
  • Closets and Storage System
  • Custom Wood-Work

New Construction Services

Construction Services Near Omaha NE:

For so many people the idea of building a perfect custom home has been a lifelong dream. Endless hours spent envisioning all the different spaces and finishes over and over. If the time has come to finally make that dream come true Handyman Services of Omaha is here to make sure your dream comes true, without becoming a nightmare.

For over ten years we have been working hand in hand with our customers throughout the South Omaha NE area to ensure that every aspect of their new construction project is handled expertly, and without them having to worry about any phase of the process. Right from the beginning we are our purpose is to make your dream home come true.

Thanks to the fact that we are a locally owned company we have a great deal of experience working with all of the different agencies and services needed to get the job done perfectly and on or under budget. A few of the duties we will take care of for you include, getting all of the proper permits and arranging for the necessary inspections.

In addition Handyman Services of Omaha will take care of ordering the materials needed, and scheduling and overseeing any subcontractors required along the way. All the while we will be in touch with you to keep you updated and to address any questions or concerns that you may have during the project.

Single Source Contracting Process

When you are working on a major project like building a custom home from top to bottom there are bound to be problems that will pop up.That is what we are here for, to make sure that all of the potential problems are accounted for and avoided and those that do crop up in the building process we will take care of them for you.

Our goal is to ensure you have a smooth and flawless experience while working with us on building your dream home, you can count on us to handle all of the work with precision and expertise.

Handyman Services of Omaha expertise is in managing multi-faceted, complex projects while offering turnkey solutions and providing single-source accountability on every project. While all developers and owners of construction projects pay considerable regard to the major variables within the industry budgeting, scheduling and quality we realize individual owners are required to place varying degrees of importance on each of these priorities. With this in mind, we approach projects with precise attention to your requirements and your clients’ needs.


Construction Services Near Omaha NE:

Before starting work, our team conducts preliminary planning and development with you to help create a detailed roadmap. We are firm believers in open and direct communication, integrity and principal involvement, all the while working to attain your goals. We fulfill your vision for a project by working closely with your architect, listening to your needs and responding with an outline for each step. Utilizing our more than two decades of experience, we will map your custom project’s scope of work, design, schedule and budget. That solid, clear plan can save time and money throughout the build.

General Contracting

Handyman Services of Omaha has spent the past 20-plus years providing top-notch general contracting services. Our dedicated experts share a passion for what they do which extends naturally to each project in the form of quality, innovation, timeliness and overall client satisfaction. The combined efforts and commitment of the Handyman Services of Omaha Team to its clients has placed .The company collaborates with a roster of recognized subcontractors on projects ranging from luxury residential, to historical restoration, to retail and restaurants.

Project Management

Construction Services Near Omaha NE:

At Handyman Services of Omaha, our projects are managed from conception through completion. That includes the constructability analysis and pre-construction meetings that anticipate challenges and eliminate waste. During construction, we utilize the latest reporting tools and technologies to keep you informed of every step while providing value through single-source accountability and high-level customization. Our meticulous preparation and attention to detail contribute to effective execution, especially on renovation projects where preserving the charm of an historic property while bringing it up to date is key. Our high-quality construction and project management techniques produce an exceptional project that meets or beats budget and schedule goals.

Historical Restoration

Handyman Services of Omaha understands the attention to detail and careful planning needed when taking on a historical restoration project. Keeping the integrity of the structure while restoring these historical gems is a specialty of ours. Its projects include the award winning Vintro Hotel, a gem from the Art Deco era, where the company created a fresh look in the guest rooms, while adding additional floors to the existing structure.


From start to finish, Handyman Services of Omaha can bring your design ideas to fruition with our design-build solutions. From planning through construction, we can fulfill your needs with just one contract. We regularly team with renowned architects and engineers, and bring them to the table based on how well their talents and experience match a client’s needs and budget. We take the same approach to subcontractors with which we have developed long-term relationships based on their superior performance. We will collaborate with you throughout the entire process to make sure the project is completed to the highest standards with your needs and budget in mind.

Constructability Analysis

Construction Services Near Omaha NE:

With our constructability analysis, you have the ability to review the construction process from start to finish during the pre-construction phase. Our project management experience and tools help to prevent errors, delays and cost overruns. It also identifies challenges ahead of construction so that we can collaborate with architects and engineers to develop solutions that preserve the timeline and budget.

Get an estimate from us for your next project. All of our workers have passed a rigorous background check and are professionals in their field. From initial phone call to  Handyman Services of Omaha  post construction, we’ll keep the process as simple as possible.


Construction Services Near Omaha NE:

We understand that the construction service process from beginning to end can be daunting, starting with approvals all the way through to the project’s close-out.  Each experience can differ, whether you have completed one commercial construction project or multiple projects, if your project was ground-up construction or a renovation, and depending on what local jurisdiction your project is located in.  Although we have extensive experience in the commercial construction industry, we thought the real advice should come directly from our customers.  We surveyed several business owners that have completed multiple projects and business owners that went through the process for the first time.  Below are their tips to help your project run more smoothly.

  1. Ask Questions – Your contractor is experienced and they do not expect you to know everything. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Asking questions and clarifications early-on can reduce the amount of changes that might be required or desired during the construction process.  It will also help you understand the process and why each step is required.  Below are a few suggested questions to ask:
  • What is the approval process in my jurisdiction?
  • When can I anticipate city officials approving my project?
  • What additional fees can I expect?
  1. Communication – Having a good relationship with your project team and having an open dialogue is key. Having a point of contact between you and the construction team makes the communication process easier. Use technology to communicate.  Using a program such as, a cloud-base construction management software program is ideal.  This can allow you, your project manager, field team and architect to communicate effectively and all in one place.
  1. Meetings – In the approval stage, attend all public hearings that have your project on the agenda, such as the zoning and planning commissions and city council meetings. During construction have a weekly or bi-weekly team meeting at the job site. If this isn’t feasible, have a routine scheduled conference call.  Include key people, such as the owner, construction manager, architect and subcontractors.  This will ensure everyone is on the same page and will keep the project moving forward.  This is a good time to ask questions too.
  1. Scheduling – Set a target date for completion prior to starting construction. This will give your project team a completion goal to work towards. Have your contractor create a tentative schedule for the duration of the project.  This way you will have an idea of the process it takes to build or renovate your space.  Building materials can sometimes take longer than expected to be delivered, especially if your project includes custom made items.  Be prepared that scheduling might not go as planned.  Have your contractor update the schedule monthly, as needed.
  1. Prepare For The Unknown – In most cases construction goes as planned, however, there can be unexpected delays. If you’re renovating a building, you might find that the existing building plans or underground utilities aren’t as specified or a record of it can’t be found. Most likely you will see this in an older building.  Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate as we hoped, rain, snow and extreme hot and cold temperatures can impact construction as well.
  1. Plan Ahead – If you need your project completed by a certain date allow plenty of time for the approval process. Approvals can sometimes take up to 6-9 months before construction can begin. Getting approvals from city officials might take longer than expected and they might require you to make improvements to your site that you weren’t planning.  Obtaining approvals through government municipalities can be timely and costly.  Depending on your type of project, you might want to consider choosing a construction contractor prior to the approval process and one that can help navigate you through the system.  Additionally, plan accordingly if you’re renovating or adding to your current building and planning on operating your business as normal.  Have a team meeting to discuss the moving details or the possibility of increased traffic, dust and noise, and large equipment on site.  Problems solve the best solution to reduce interruptions to your day-to-day operations during construction.  Have your construction team meet with your employees to answer questions if needed.

We understand that building ground up, renovating or adding to an existing office building can take time and can be stressful.  There is a lot to understand.  Out of all the business owners we interviewed they all agreed that good communication was vital to the success of their construction project.  Though the price of construction didn’t make the list of tips, we felt it is important to acknowledge that several owners recognized the importance of quality.  They mentioned that sometimes going with a low bid wasn’t always the best option for their project.  They suggested asking questions and don’t shy away from asking advice from your experienced contractor.


How Much Does It Cost to Construction Services?

Construction Services Near Omaha NE:

Average range: $240,000 – $710,000

Whether you want to design your dream home or just cannot find what you want in the area where you want to live, there are many reasons why you may want to consider building your home. Building a home provides the ability to have control over the space, how it looks, and its layout.

But building a home can be a challenging and complicated process, including determining the costs. The finished interior space is only one portion of a home, so when calculating the total price, be aware of the unfinished space as well, including garages, decks, and driveways. The type of home built and who is building it can also impact costs, with modular homes and custom homes having different price points than stick-built homes. The average cost to build a 2,600 sq.ft. single-family home in the U.S. ranges from $240,000 to $710,000, with most homeowners spending around $423,800 for the job. The low cost for this project is $140,000 for a 2,600 sq.ft. builder-grade home with no changes. The high cost is $1,000,000 for a 2,600 sq.ft. custom-built home with high-end materials, three-car garage, covered deck, and landscaping.

New House Construction Costs

Cost to build a house

  • National average cost $423,800
  • Average range $240,000-$710,000
  • Minimum cost $140,000
  • Maximum cost $1,000,000​

Average Cost Per Square Foot to Build a Home by Region

Construction Services Near Omaha NE:

The average cost per square foot to build a new home varies depending on multiple factors. This is due to how a builder calculates the price per square foot. Some builders add in the costs for landscaping, while others add costs for the finished space at full cost, basements and garages at half cost, and outdoor areas like decks at quarter cost.

For this reason, areas that do not have basements have a different price per square foot than homes in areas that have basements. Also, homes with attached garages have a different square foot cost than homes without them.

The cost of building materials and how easy the ground is to build on also impacts the square foot price. The national average is around $163 a square foot.

Cost to Build a House per Square Foot

When looking at square footage, most builders calculate the total square footage of a build differently than the amount of livable square feet. This can make the average cost to build different, depending on the type of features your home has like decks, porches, basements, attics, and utility areas:

Square Footage     Average Cost to Build

800 sq.ft.                              $130,400

900 sq.ft.                              $146,700

1,000 sq.ft.                          $163,000

1,200 sq.ft.                          $195,600

1,500 sq.ft.                          $244,500

1,600 sq.ft.                          $260,800

1,800 sq.ft.                          $293,400

2,000 sq.ft.                          $326,000

2,500 sq.ft.                          $407,500

2,700 sq.ft.                          $440,100

3,000 sq.ft.                          $489,000

3,500 sq.ft.                          $570,500

4,000 sq.ft.                          $652,000

5,000 sq.ft.                          $815,000

New Construction Costs by Number of House Stories

Construction Services Near Omaha NE:

Houses not only come in a variety of square feet, they also come in different heights. Overall, the cost to build a home with one story vs one with two stories does not vary that much per square foot cost. This is because typical one-story homes, such as ranches, tend to be longer and spread out. This means more roof space and a higher cost per square foot. The same amount of interior space built up, rather than out, can actually be less expensive. In some instances, however, a two or three-story home might be larger overall, having a larger footprint than some 1-story homes. This would then make that home more expensive to build, not because it has more stories, but because it is larger overall. This means that depending on where you live and the home style, size, and features, you could have identical costs per square foot regardless of the number of stories.

Number of Stories                        Average Costs

2                                                  $130 – $180/sq.ft.

3                                                  $130 – $180/sq.ft.

1                                                  $130 – $200/sq.ft.


Why hire a design build construction contractor?

In the design build process, you are always aware of what the end result will look like before the construction starts. All design solutions have been established in advance. There is no running around, looking for a faucet or a tile. And most importantly, the building design and construction stays within your budget. Plus, all the deadlines are kept.

Is the design build costly?

In most of the cases it can actually be quite affordable. It’s all about the control over the schedule, budget, the trades, and your own in-house team crew and designers. It’s all about the budget and experience – knowing the quirks of the products you are using for your construction project.

Why should I hire a company for a design construction service?

There are a lot of reasons why you should do that, including making it more functional and comfortable, modernizing the style, improving energy efficiency, helping with the maintenance and upkeep, and increasing the value of your home.

Why should I hire this company for residential or commercial construction services?

You should consider giving us a call and taking advantage of our services because we have the experience to provide all the services you need to design, plan, and build your dream – these are the first of many reasons why giving us a call is a good idea. For many years, we have been one of the preferred companies in the area because we complete all the construction and design build projects on budget, time, and with fine craftsmanship. We have a friendly approach and advanced method of working and managing every project.

I need a company that completes all the projects with a solid project management. Should I give this company a call?

Absolutely! At the very start of the project, the key is to design it first, to achieve your satisfaction. The cost of every project is established early-on, taking your needs, goals, and budget into consideration.

How do you determine the end cost of the project?

First we work with every customer in order to clearly define the project, based on their priorities and unique needs. A detailed and customized estimate is developed, which gives you the accurate project cost.

How do you determine the price for my project? First, we work with you to clearly define your project, based on your unique needs and priorities. A customized, detailed estimate is developed, which gives you an accurate project cost. This is far superior to bidding on speculation, which others will quickly offer you. When we know what the real costs will be, it’s what we abide by so you can proceed with confidence.

Are you still having trouble finding the answers to your questions regarding our construction company and design build services in Ladson, SC? If so, you are more than welcome to give Handyman Services of Omaha a call, and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions! We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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